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Rich C.

Rich started at SoftSource Consulting in 2017.


Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering
Oregon Institute of Technology
Portland, OR

Six Questions with Rich

When did you first start programming and with what language/computer and what did you like the most about this programming experience?

In the late ’70’s, I started writing code on the shared terminal in the junior high school library. I got my first computer in 1980 – an Apple ][ Plus with dual floppy disks and a printer. I programmed in Basic, Pascal, and Assembly back then. I returned to college in 2001 to get my Software Engineering degree from OIT and focused on the Microsoft .NET development technologies.

Describe a project you’ve been involved with which you consider to be your greatest success so far. What made it so successful?

I worked on a proof-of-concept project that had a very short timeline. The client’s ‘normal’ development process was not likely to deliver in such a short period and the existing tech in use was not going to make that easy. We assembled a team that was able to quickly iterate the project and all phases were delivered successfully and on time. It was a joy!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your career?

Gosh… there are so many. I suppose one of my favorites is this: typing code is the easiest and quickest part of creating software. The more valuable time is spent considering the problem and designing the solution.

If computers and related technology didn’t exist, what do you think your career would be?

Wow! I suppose one of the things I most enjoy doing – and is not significantly related – is technical writing. I suspect that even without computer technology, there would be some sort of guidance needed for other technologies that people would be enjoying!

When it’s time to turn off the computer, what do you do instead?

Our household really enjoys the outdoors. I tend to plan time-off around hikes that we can go on and vistas we can enjoy!

Anything else you think the world would like to know about you?

I’m very excited about the software development community! I’ve been involved with the local Microsoft Developer User Group, PADNUG, for over fifteen years. It’s easy to spot me in and around town as no matter what time of year, it is likely you will see me wearing shorts!

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