A Day in the Life of Aaron

  • Ignore the cat and feed the rabbit.
  • Check to-do list and catch up on emails/messages.
  • Smoke test any code that I pushed at the end of the previous day, just in case.
  • Balance time between writing code and creating stories.
  • Collaborate, review code, meetings, etc.
  • Build list of recommendations for code or process.
  • Charge headphones.
  • Spend time with wife and daughters.
  • Side project(s)
  • Hopefully watch a documentary.

When I’m not at my computer during the day…

Having lunch or foraging for snacks. I should take more walks; hopefully this answer changes in several months.

Skills to be successful in my role…

Clear communication and being comfortable with ambiguity.

Best advice I’ve received at SoftSource…

Trust myself and my instincts. Sometimes there are complex issues which are challenging to talk about. For our clients’ benefit, I need to understand these problems and be confident in my recommendations.

How I’d describe team dynamics…

Listening and being proactive are the most important aspects of team dynamics and can be easily overlooked. Once each team member is open to truly listening to everyone else then a team can utilize their individual skills.  

Who I am makes me better at what I do…

My wife and daughters give me the energy, creativity, and drive to continuously improve in every aspect of my life including my job.

Quick facts about Aaron Schaefer

Favorite work perk

Learning budget. We have an annual budget to use towards our continuous learning. This has helped me learn about a wide range of topics and technologies.

Go-to lunch

Salad with blue cheese, apples, and hazelnuts.

Favorite technology/tool/language learned while at SoftSource

React Hooks. I introduced it into an existing code base and it was easy to learn, powerful, and improved the code. There are fancy technologies I have been learning including Blazor which are the future but I appreciate the instant improvement that React Hooks brought to an existing application.

Skill I’m building now

Building mechanical keyboards and someday an E-Ink laptop. I have already become comfortable typing on a split 40% keyboard and it resonates with my soul.