A Day in the Life of Laurie

  • Roll out of bed at last minute possible to make it to standup.
  • Coffee.
  • Make myself presentable for standup.
  • Commute if necessary.
  • Standup.
  • Coffee.
  • Work on the client’s top priority, might be:
    • writing code
    • entering stories
    • designing solutions
    • creation documentation
    • researching new-to-me technologies
  • Going to meetings.
  • Try to remember to plan for lunch before…lunch.
  • Commute if necessary.
  • Dinner.
  • Hang out with spouse.
  • Catch up on latest bingewatch on Netflix.
  • Knit.
  • Procrastinate going to bed.
  • Go to bed.

When I’m not at my computer during the day…

I’m talking with a teammate or foraging for food. Or coffee.

Skills to be successful in my role…

Being willing and able to learn whatever is necessary to support the client. It may be their technology stack, their business domain, new ideas to help the team, you never know what might be needed next.

Best advice I’ve received at SoftSource…

If no one else knows the answer, you gotta go dig it out of the dirt. It’s not unusual for no one at the client to have a response to some of my questions. When that is the case, I dig – in the code, in the database, in the docs, in Stack Overflow. And if truly no one knows the answer, I start trying things out until I have a workable solution to propose.

How I’d describe team dynamics…

Like technology stacks and projects, team dynamics vary with each gig. It’s always great to get on a team with another SoftSource consultant as I know they will be smart and easy to work with.

Who I am makes me better at what I do…

I have a sense of curiosity that won’t quit. I like to read about what’s going on at tech conferences, what the client has documented about their projects, the code that is up- or downstream from mine, etc.

Quick facts about Laurie

Favorite work perk

Exchanging bonus for PTO

Go-to lunch

Chicken Caesar Salad

Favorite technology/tool/language learned while at SoftSource


First thing I mastered after joining SoftSource

Hitting the ground running

Skill I’m building now