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Jeffrey F.

Jeffrey has worked for SoftSource since 2019.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Utah State University

Bachelor of Arts in English
Brigham Young University–Idaho

Six Questions with Jeffrey

When did you first start programming and with what language/computer and what did you like the most about this programming experience?

My VERY first programming experience came from playing around with QBasic on an old Windows machine when I was around 10. I created a program that asked the user to input their age and if they were over 40, an old-person alarm would sound. My mother was less than amused. I found my early romp in programming to be a lot of fun and I even purchased a Visual Basic programming manual from a garage sale, but I didn’t feel like I had any of the resources I needed to make any actual progress, so I dropped it all together until I discovered the joys of web development in 2010…

Describe a project you’ve been involved with which you consider to be your greatest success so far. What made it so successful?

I had the opportunity to rebuild TimeClick, a time tracking software for small businesses. I was working as a support technician at TimeClick and I was frustrated by the various limitations of the out-dated product (it had originally been created in the 90s and was written in COBOL). A coworker and I created a product demo and approached the company owner about the possibility of recoding TimeClick. He agreed and we began rebuilding it completely from the ground up. After a few months, my coworker left to pursue other opportunities and I became the sole developer for the project. I got to wear all the hats and the buck stopped with me. It was both terrifying and exhilarating and I learned SO much.

If computers and related technology didn’t exist, what do you think your career would be?

I didn’t actually think to pursue technology professionally until I had already finished my first Bachelor’s degree in English, so I imagine I’d be an editor right about now.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your career?

That tradeoffs exist for EVERY decision that you make and that it’s important to use the right tool for every job.

When it’s time to turn off the computer, what do you do instead?

I love making things, whether it’s tinkering with a model house, creating a taxidermied werewolf head for a Halloween decoration, or reupholstering thrift shop furniture. Some day I hope to have a full on workshop I can play around in (for now, my incredibly patient wife just asks that I clean up after myself).

Anything else you think the would would like to know about you?

I’m madly in love with my little family (I have an awesome wife and two amazing sons). And I love the concepts of writing poetry and drawing, but I can never seem to actually sit down and work on either one…

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