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Jordan M.

Jordan has worked for SoftSource since 2020.


Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Oregon State University

Seven Questions with Jordan

When did you first start programming and with what language/computer and what did you like the most about this programming experience?

In middle school I first started out messing around with website code. I remember being told by my teacher that Flash was the future of web development and the only thing worth learning. Oh, how times have changed. It’s from this that I have come to love the ever-changing nature of programming and that our field is constantly evolving.

Describe a project you’ve been involved with which you consider to be your greatest success so far. What made it so successful?

My first project at Garmin was an ADS-B transponder that I worked on from day one. It was quite an experience to be working with pilots, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and software engineers. Being able to collaborate across such a spectrum of skills and effectively communicate with each other was valuable to the success of the project.

If computers and related technology didn’t exist, what do you think your career would be?

Definitely a park ranger.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your career?

Everyone has something valuable they can teach you. I never assume I can’t learn from someone.

When it’s time to turn off the computer, what do you do instead?

If the weather is good I’m outside rock climbing, trail running, or bicycling. If the weather is bad I’m reading, brewing beer, or pestering my cat.

Anything else you think we would like to know about you?

A lot of my hobbies such as rock climbing involve maintaining a level of calm under great stress. It’s an aspect of life I like to carry through all of my endeavors, especially work and career.

Do you prefer bacon, sausage or neither?

Everything is better with bacon.