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Noah L.

Noah has worked for SoftSource since 2018.


Bachelor in Computer Science (BSCS)
Neumont University

Six Questions with Noah

When did you first start programming and with what language/computer and what did you like the most about this programming experience?

My first quarter in college, we were split into teams and tasked with creating an elevator simulation in .NET. I went overboard with it: adding men and women passengers, door animations, and sound effects. I spent hours tweaking my elevator algorithm to transport people faster. My app was selected from my cohort to present to the school at the end of the quarter and I’m still riding that high to this day. I was hooked!

Describe a project you’ve been involved with which you consider to be your greatest success so far. What made it so successful?

I worked at a startup that had just landed a very big customer. It was my job to manage that relationship and build out our platform to support a lot of new features, quickly. We had a vision for our product that didn’t always align with what this big customer needed so it was sometimes tricky to find ways to make everyone happy. There were tough moments but we succeeded in solving all of our client’s problems and creating a performant, powerful, and incredibly flexible product.

If computers and related technology didn’t exist, what do you think your career would be?

I find so much satisfaction in creating software, so if that didn’t exist, I think I’d have to be making something else. Boardgames, maybe.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your career?

There’s no shortcut to building relationships and connections. Everything works better when you actually care about the people around you and spend the time to understand them, their issues, and how you can help.

When it’s time to turn off the computer, what do you do instead?

I’m a lifelong barbershopper and have sung in many choruses and quartets. It’s an amazing hobby for both amateur and experienced singers.

Anything else you think the would would like to know about you?

I’m new to PDX and am loving the adventure of exploring this beautiful place. If there’s a beer, a restaurant, a hike, or anything else that I shouldn’t miss, please let me know!