Health Services Company

“The SoftSource team is the hardest working team on the floor.”
Delivery Director
Apparel Manufacturing Company

“Just a note to let you know about some great work we’ve seen from Ian. He has gone above and beyond, thinking outside the box, identifying solutions, rallying the team, working long nights and weekends, etc. His leadership and dedication is much appreciated!”
Engineering Manager
Vendor Management Company

“I’ve been really impressed with Joseph’s and Steve’s work. They did a great job with the data services project, and they’re getting this new effort off to a really strong start.”
Lead Developer
Power Systems Design Company

“Bill is a bulldog. He’s contributing nicely and we appreciate that he spun up fast.”
Corporate Solutions Technology Director
Apparel Manufacturing Company

“We certainly enjoy working with Ray. He is producing some cool stuff.”
Senior Vice President – Field Services
Non-Profit Organization

“At a recent meeting, Tim did a terrific job articulating the possibilities and asking for ideas and feedback. I just had to share that it is a pleasure to have Tim on this project.”
Technical Producer
Entertainment Company

“SoftSource engineers are some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with.”
Enterprise Release Manager
Apparel Manufacturing Company

“It has truly been a pleasure working with the SoftSource team. The level of trust and respect that the team has earned is unmatched in my experience being involved with and managing projects over the last 14 years.”
Software Development Director
Health Services Company

“Kerry came up to speed in a complex code domain quickly and efficiently solved complex problems for us. He brought clarity to complex business logic and difficult legacy code dependencies. I think he’d make any team better.”
Technical Producer
Entertainment Company

“Last year at this time there was a lot of discussion going around about just dumping the project and starting over. With the hard work that everyone has put in we have not only been able to salvage the project but we have been able to deliver a product with a promising future. I want to send out a big thank you to everyone and tell you all how much I appreciate the work you do.”
Technical Lead
Financial Company

“I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Neil for his help with some of the more technical pieces of the project. He has really helped fill in the holes between the tutorial and reference content that is available on the Internet and being able to create a working application.”
Technical Producer
Entertainment Company

“Michael has been providing great insights, and really doing his due diligence when providing suggestions and solutions. It’s very much appreciated.”